Unichi 11 Pearls Phyto Calming Essence 50ml

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11 Pearls(TM) Phyto Calming Essence is a lightweight, nourishing essence. Utilizing advanced technology, by combining microHA(TM) and precious botanical ingredients, this essence aims to promote a clear and radiant complexion. It works synergistically to soothe, calm and hydrate skin, helping to improve luminosity and firmness.
Deep absorption & hydration
Hydrolysed Sodium Hyaluronate - microHA(TM) is super active and extremely penetrative. The moisturizing core components of the plant extract yeast penetrates layer by layer and absorbs efficiently. When combined with powerfully moisturizing ingredient, PatcH2O(R), it can firmly lock in the moisture of more than 1000 times its own mass.

After one application:

  • After 30 Minutes: instant relief and immediate skin hydration (up to 96%)*
  • After 48 Hours: sustained protection and hydration
  • After 5 days: prolonged skin hydration

Reduces cell damage & protects against DNA damage

Repair Complex CLR(TM) PF (Bifida Ferment Lysate) increases cellular repair and supports the skins natural protection mechanisms to counteract premature skin aging, reduce appearance of acne scarring and minimize pigmentation and redness. Clinically proven, Repair Complex CLR(TM) PF can also effectively reduce the generation of DNA damage by up to 30% and increase DNA repair activity by 1.4 times.

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