Alavia Joint Care Cream 100g

$23.90 NZD

Joint Care Cream 100g can help support joint health and mobility. Lack of nutrients in joints can lead to joint problems such as joint pain and stiffness. This specially designed joint cream is absorbed quickly by the skin and is ideal for helping prevent the breakdown of joints, by providing essential nutrients for tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, and it has the function of restoring skin elasticity and texture around the joint.

Apply Joint Care Cream with Glucosamine Sulfate onto the joints and muscles to be absorbed directly into the skin. This formula is beneficial to strengthen the cartilage, can be on the upper vertebrae and neck to relieve pain. The older people also have a problem with osteoporosis which can cause cartilage loss in the bones and joints and gradually disintegrate. So the joints become inflamed and painful. Daily supplementation with Glucosamine Sulfate can slow the damage caused by osteoporosis to the bones.

Besides Glucosamine Sulfate, Joint Care Cream 100g is unique, containing mainly plant extracts of ginger, mint leaf oil, and New Zealand’s unique Manuka tea tree oil, which has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The blend of Manuka Tea Tree Oil and Mint Leaf Oil relieves the pain caused by joint fatigue damage and provides a fresh feeling to the skin. In Chinese and Western cultures, ginger is spicy and mild and has the effects of relieving pain. Therefore, in this formula, it can improve the symptoms of joint pain.

If any adverse reaction or irritation, discontinue use immediately and consult your medical professionals.
Avoid contact with eyes. For External use only

Store in a dark cool dry place below 30° C
Keep out of reach of children