ChildLife Liquid Calcium with Magnesium 474ml

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Just about every parent knows that children require Calcium to build strong bones and teeth.  Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the human body; bones and teeth contain 99% of the Calcium in the body while the remaining 1% is distributed in other areas.
By the time your child reached age 17, almost 90% of their adult bone mass will already have been established.  For this reason, it’s very important that your child gets enough Calcium on a daily basis.
It is during childhood, that a child’s body is most capable of absorbing Calcium.  But the fact is, most children and teenagers aren’t getting the Calcium they need to build peak bone mass.  If the body does not get enough Calcium from food or supplements, it will take it from the bones, which will cause Calcium deficiency.
Although it would be great if children could get the Calcium they need through a Calcium-rich diet, often it is not possible.  In today’s lifestyle, children often don’t get the amount of vegetables and nutrients they need every day.  Many are too picky to eat all the healthy food.  Children who drink soda, energy or caffeinated drinks absorb even less Calcium because these substances may interfere with the way the body absorbs and uses Calcium. But Calcium is one nutrient kids cannot afford to skip.  Supplementation can help.
Support your child’s healthy bone development with ChildLife® Liquid Calcium with Magnesium.
ChildLife® Liquid Calcium with Magnesium provides these 2 essential minerals, in citrate form, combined with Vitamin D3 and Zinc Citrate; this combination of nutrients is needed for optimum absorption and utilisation of this vital nutrient.