Glow Lab Brightening Face Mask 23ml Expiry date:04/2021 Expiry date:04/2021

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Expiry date:04/2021

A multi-tasking sheet mask designed to create a brighter, radiant complexion. The natural enzymes in Pineapple Fruit Esters gently exfoliate skin, while Arbutin naturally tackles skin pigmentation to reduce sun damage. Plant-based Carollina Extracts nourish and revitalise skin, while Vitamins A and C fight free radicals to reduce inflammation and calm skin. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine to deeply hydrate and plump, skin feels refreshed, smoothed and brightened. Suitable for all skin types. 



Cleanse face, then remove mask from sachet. Lay mask over face, with fabric side against skin. Smooth in mask to create firm contact with skin, then peel away the backing plastic. Leave mask on for up to 20 mins while the active ingredients are absorbed, then remove. Rinse off residue.

To optimise effectiveness, apply in the evening for up to an hour. Once the mask is removed, the active ingredients in the residue can be massaged in and left on overnight to nourish skin while you sleep. Use regularly to brighten and smooth skin as required. Use immediately after opening. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.