Good Health B Activated Complex (60 Vege Capsules)

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Superior Uptake Dietary Supplement with Activated Forms of B6 & B12

**NOTE: Please consult with your doctor/GP before taking any new supplements**


Comprehensive B vitamin Complex Activated vitamin B6 and B12 Superior uptake

Product Overview:

B Activated Complex With active forms of B6 and B12Good Health B Activated Complex is a comprehensive formula with activated essential B vitamins that support optimal energy production. This high potency formula contains the active forms of B6 and B12 providing optimal energy and a healthy stress response. Activated vitamins are in a ready to use form, allowing superior uptake by the body. Good health B Activated Complex offers support for; Natural energy production, a healthy nervous system and is suitable for those with demanding lifestyles. Recommended forLow energy levelsOngoing stress from demanding lifestylesAbsorption issuesAdrenal and nerve supportGeneral health and wellbeingPack sizes:30 and 60 capsules TAPS PP5441



Adults: Take 1 vege capsule daily, with a meal, or as professionally advised. Best taken at the start of the day.Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.AllergensContains Soy. No added Gluten, Egg, Crustacea, Fish, Dairy, Yeast, Wheat.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Not for use with individuals who have hemochromatosis, as B vitamins support iron absorptionCheck with a health professional if pregnant and/or breast feedingSuitable for vegetarians, vegans and those on a restricted diet