Good Health Magnesium Easy-To-Swallow 90 vegecaps Expiry Date 6/21

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Adults: Take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally advised.



Good Health Magnesium Easy-to-swallow is a small sized capsule with marine magnesium, a highly bioavailable form of natural magnesium.

This is an everyday low strength magnesium which is easy on digestion and therefore less likely to cause tummy upsets. 150mg elemental magnesium per capsule is a good maintenance dose for nerve, muscle and sleep support.

Magnesium Easy-to-swallow is a marine sourced magnesium derived from seawater that also contains 72 additional trace minerals.




  • Provides a gentle maintenance level of magnesium that's easy on digestion and absorption
  • Small capsule that's easy to swallow
  • Vegan friendly


Good Health Magnesium Easy To Swallow is a product that contains a naturally sourced marine magnesium, called Aquamin Mg. This makes it easier to digest, as it is naturally sourced and it is in a whole multi-mineral complex form, containing 35% absorbable elemental magnesium. Because of this, it is less likely to disturb the bowel, as it is more complex and superior to magnesium oxide and has an increased solubility, to ensure its easy absorption into the bloodstream. This type of magnesium, is derived naturally, from the sea water that contains red algae seaweed, harvested under an exclusive license in the cool, clean and pristine waters, off the coast of Ireland.