LifeStream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice with turmeric 500ml Digestion & Detoxification Expiry date: 7/22

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Adults: 20ml (2 dessertspoons), 1-3 times daily. Children 6-12 yrs: 10ml (1 dessertspoon), 1-2 times daily. Can be mixed with water or juice. Best taken on an empty stomach.


Lifestream Biogenic® Aloe Vera with Turmeric provides an extra strength digestive tonic by combining Aloe Vera sourced from 100% pure ‘inner leafâ€?gel with HydroCurc®, a water dispersible form of turmeric. 
HydroCurc® provides curcumin, the active extract from turmeric
that contains 85% curcuminoids and uses unique LipiSperse®technology, scientifically researched for increased absorption and bioavailability.This natural combination of Aloe Vera and Turmeric has no added flavours, colours or sweeteners.
The Aloe Vera is gently processed using the patented NaturLockâ„?system to carefully lock in and protect the naturally soothing properties of the Aloe Vera plant.
While Standard Curcumin (the key active from turmeric) has limited solubility and is poorly absorbed by the body, HydroCurc® not only delivers a high level of active curcuminoids at 85%, it also uses scientifically researched LipiSperse® technology that allows the curcumin to disperse easily in aqueous environments. This increases bioavailability and delivers curcumin to the body at a faster rate than standard curcumin extracts.



  • Extra strength support for gastro-intestinal health
  • Calms bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Supports total body well-being