Lycocelle Lingerie Laundry Liquid 300ml

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LycocelleLycocelle is a natural plant-based homecare & lifestyle brand from New Zealand. Lycocelle Concentrated Lingerie Laundry Liquid 300ml

Around 300 million women of childbearing age are bothered by candidal vaginitis. Candidal vaginitis mainly manifests as tofu-like leucorrhea and genital itching. However, what matters to you might be the unwashed lingerie! Leucorrhea secretions, urine contamination and menstrual blood residue in underwear fabric can harbour thousands of bacteria, which can multiply if they are not thoroughly washed that day.

  • Lycocelle Concentrated Lingerie Laundry Liquid is specially designed for every woman to thoroughly clean their lingerie.
  • Plant sterilization: Horopito and Kawakawa extract eliminates Candida albicans
  • High-activity protease: Effectively removes blood stains and daily stains
  • Pine Tree oil: Removes odour naturally
  • 100% New Zealand Made: New Zealand Fernmark Licensed
  • Concentrated formula: Up to 110 times usage for each bottle
  • Plant-based Surfactant: Give up traditional oil-based surfactant

Horopito–As an ancient shrub, it is endemic to New Zealand. The leaves contain a unique and stable ingredient, polygodial, which delivers an effective anti-fungal action, especially against Candida albicans. Besides, Lycocelle Concentrated Lingerie Laundry Liquid is pH neutral and therefore more suitable for the human body. Enjoy being stress-free from bacterial growth even on rainy days.

Genuinely add high-activity protease. New Zealand GW laboratory authority certification: New Zealand GW laboratory authority certification: protease decompose blood


  • No harmful ingredients (carcinogen)
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No brightener
  • No colorant
  • No bleach
  • No fluorescent agent
  • No petroleum extract

Doctor’s suggestion: Avoid long-term use of laundry detergent products containing the above ingredients, which can easily irritate the skin and cause allergies and itching.


Use one pump for 2-3 items. For stained garments, apply one pump directly to the stain and leave for 20 minutes, then wash in warm or cold water.

Suitable for machine and hand washing. Always follow garment care instructions and test colourfastness before use.
Concentrated formula: One pump of the liquid can wash three pieces of lingerie; up to 110 pumps usage for each bottle
Pump bottle: Convenient to use and easy to control the portion of liquid you need
No need to hand-wash: High-activity rpotease enzyme can effectively remove blood stains; soak to remove blood stains
Can be used by pregnant women and on babies over 6 months
Suitable for sensitive skin