Petslove Flea & Bug Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 250ml

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Petslove Flea & Bug Wash is a shampoo that is safe for all of your furry best friends, removing dirt and grime, Effective on hot spots, flea bites and dermatitis naturally repelling fleas and bugs using Neem Oil has been used for centuries as an effective skin treatment and Rosemary extract which is a great organic flea control product.  Made from plant-based ingredients with no irritating soaps, while leaving your pet smelling great.

Key Benefits

  • A flea shampoo that naturally repels fleas and bugs. 
  • Contains Neem Oil and Rosemary extract that naturally controls fleas. 
  • Made from plant-based ingredients with no irritating soaps. 
  • Leaves your pets happy, cuddly and pest free.

Pour Petslove flea & bug wash into your hands and gently massage into your pet’s wet hair until you get a nice lather, then rinse off.