Portable 304 Stainless Steel Bento Box with 4 Compartments Lunch Box Leakproof 1500ml

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This stainless steel lunch box is designed in compartments, and the meals can be packed separately without odor.

The inner container of the lunch box is a detachable design, and you can take the inner container away and add hot water to the lunch box to keep the food warm. There is a vent hole on the lunch box lid, which is more convenient when opening the lunch box.

The stainless steel lunch box lid has a sealing silicone ring, so the lunch box is firm and does not leak. Even if the lunch box is turned upside down, it will not leak.

The top lid of the wholesale stainless steel lunch box is a slot where tableware can be placed. It is very convenient to carry the tableware inside.

The bottom of the lunch box has a non-slip design, which makes it more stable to place. This wholesale lunch box is suitable for students or office workers. The capacity of this lunch box is big enough to hold a lot of food.