Radiance Kids Probiotic Strawberry 45 Chewable Tablets

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Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that live in the intestine of humans. They are essential for our wellbeing and enhance our health in many ways. They help by assisting digestion, producing certain essential nutrients such as vitamin K and biotin, supporting intestinal health and encouraging a healthy immune response to allergens and infections.

Certain factors, such as caesarean birth, antibiotic therapy, a lack of dietary fibre and diarrhoea or constipation can reduce our probiotic (intestinal microflora) numbers. Experts believe that reduced probiotic numbers may play a role in the increased number of allergies and the decline in digestive health that we see in recent generations.

Radiance Kids Probiotic contains Probio-Tec® Bifodobacterium BB-12, scientifically proven probiotic bacteria to support the intestinal and general health of children. Probio-Tec® has been involved in over 30 clinical trials including specific trials in children.

With 11 billion* live and viable colony forming units (CFU) in each delicious, naturally strawberry flavoured, chewable tablet, you need not worry about how to support your child’s intestinal and immune health.

Radiance® Kids Probiotic does not require refrigeration and is stability tested to provide a minimum of 2 billion* CFUs per tablet at date of expiry. However keeping the product in the fridge after opening will help ensure the highest possible CFUs for the entire life of the product.

Not only does Radiance Kids Probiotic offer an effective antibiotic, intestinal and immune health support solution, they are also highly delicious strawberry flavoured chewable tablets, so there will be no ‘tight lips’ when giving Radiance Kids Probiotic to your kids.

Children 2 years and older: Chew one or two tablets daily between meals.

    100% vegetarian