Triumph & Disaster On the Road Travel Kit (4 piece)

$69.00 NZD

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Created in the spirit of a seasoned traveler - lightweight, compact and ready to go. This 'ON THE ROAD' offering from T&D will ensure you are clean faced, clean shaven and well prepared for the path ahead, whatever it may hold.

The Triumph & Disaster On the Road Travel Kit includes:
  • YLF Wash (1.01 oz.): an all purpose body, face and hair wash infused with rosewood, kawakawa, jojoba and argan.
  • Ritual Face Wash (1.01 oz.): a refreshing, peppermint-scented face wash that exfoliates skin with salicylic acid
  • Gameface Moisturizer (1.01 oz.): a daily moisturizer that calms, smooths and hydrates with a jojoba, ponga fern and horopito
  • Old Fashioned Shave Cream (1.01 oz.): a natural shave cream that lifts hair to create a smooth glide and a clean shave
The Triumph & Disaster On the Road Travel Kit couples their bestselling skin care in one easily portable case. All over body, hair and face wash pairs with pampering face wash, moisturizer and shave cream to keep your skin in tip-top shape no matter where the road ahead leads you. Refreshingly clean, crisp and masculine, this line of natural remedies ensures a clean shaven appearance.