Triumph & Disaster YLF Body Wash 500ml

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This body wash can clean the body and hair, and lather for a shave, hydrating the skin with the smoothing effects of argan oil, green tea leaf extract and plant based ingredients. It subtly scents the skin with notes of neroli and sandalwood.


  • BODY WASH FOR THE BUSY GENERATION, MADE JUST HOW IT SHOULD BE â€?Despite everyone’s best efforts we are forced to acknowledge that in today’s world time is scarce and speed is the order of the day, so we give you the solution right here - YLF Premium Body Wash. Built the way we want it, which is the way you’ll have it - rich in Argan oil, Rosewood, Vitamin E and Kawakawa extract.
  • SUPERBLY NATURAL AND GENTLE â€?100% free from denatured alcohol and concentrated menthols - ingredients never used by Triumph & Disaster, we instead focus on the natural element including coconut and vegetable extracts blended with natural foaming agents to deliver a truly gentle yet highly-effective skin cleanse.
  • SMELLS JUST RIGHT â€?We know you want your body wash to smell perfect, not too strong or overpowering, because after all you’re in the shower, not a car wash. The sweet combination of Neroli and Sandalwood delivers a pleasing, slightly medicinal hit on the nose to quickly awaken and reinvigorate the senses.
  • LOADED WITH THE BEST NATURAL EXTRACTS â€?Nutrient-rich and full of essential oils and minerals, YLF combines the likes of Argan oil, Rosewood oil, Kawakawa and Green tea leaf extract to actively protect the skin’s natural lipid balance whilst completely avoiding any stripping of moisture and nutrients.
  • PART OF THE HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED TRIUMPH & DISASTER RANGE â€?Founded on the core principles of sustainability, integrity, and honesty, Triumph & Disaster utilise the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce an eclectic range of the finest naturally-derived yet scientifically-engineered skincare products that are loved by their customers the world over. Visit the Triumph & Disaster Amazon store to view the full range.