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Ingestible beauty is no longer the new kid on the block. Now, our morning smoothies are filled with marine collagen, adaptogenic mushrooms, prebiotics and probiotics - and that’s before the antioxidant rich blueberries. True innovation is hard to find though, which is where Vida Glow ANTI-G-OX comes in.

Specifically concerned with fighting premature ageing by tackling oxidative stress and glycation take a new approach, tackling ageing at a cellular level, and focusing on the modern stresses our skin is under.


So what is oxidative stress and glycation?


Oxidative stress is when the body, and specifically the skin is imbalanced and under pressure thanks to exposure to free radicals. This can come from pollution, pesticides, smoke, food - all the things associated with living in a city or town. Quite quickly, this oxidative stress breaks down collagen as well as increasing inflammation which can result in uneven skin tone and texture, as well as a loss of density.

Glycation is when excess sugar binds to fats and proteins, and these new compounds (called AGE compounds) attack collagen and elastin proteins, making them stiff, less supple, weak and malformed


What is the result of these AGE compounds?


These nasty little so-and-so’s trigger further inflammation in the skin, which can compromise your barrier function and make you more susceptible to UV and free radical damage. In time, this results in wrinkles, sagging and dull skin.


How does Vida Glow ANTI-G-OX tackle this?


To help minimise oxidative stress, Vida Glow ANTI-G-OX is full of antioxidants such Zinc which can neutralise free radicals when taken internally, and Kakadu Plum which is rich in Vitamin C.

Unfortunately, glycation can’t be stopped - but it can certainly be slowed. Ingredients such as Niacinamide, Chromium and Biotin help to balance blood sugar levels to promote better collagen health.

With daily use, you can delay glycation occurring within your skin, support your collagen health and promote regeneration for a more youthful looking complexion for longer!