The right balance of vitamins, minerals, essential micro-and macro elements ensures the proper body functionality, boosting metabolism and enhancing the nutrient density of your diet. To lead a well-balanced life, you need to support your organism with organic supplements. You can either pick broad-spectrum multivitamins to provide your body with the required nutrients or consult your physician on mineral supplementation that will target specific health problems.

POST2U - Your one-stop health shop in NZ

It is crucial to have an organic products supplier in a world where harmful, not biodegradable substances have invaded our living space and where supermarket shelves clutter with genetically modified food amass of harmful additives and dyes. And that's where POST2U comes into play. We're a reputable online store offering fundamentally healthy, natural products and dietary supplements from world-renowned brands, including Antipodes, Blackmores, Nutra Life, etc.

Are you looking to refill your medical kit, vitamins, or baby box with essentials safe for humans and the environment? Then you're welcome to plunge into our ever-increasing catalogue of organic supplies. We assure you that our products are certified and complies with international quality and safety measures.

It's time to get on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon with certified health supplements

Our supplements shop offers a broad range of organic nutrients to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Here you can come across the vitamin and mineral supplements for the following needs:

We vouch for the purity of the supplements we sell by thoroughly testing them in laboratories. If you're not sure what solution will suit your problem best, don't hesitate to consult our knowledgeable support managers or a medical professional before making an order.