B.box products for fuss-free school lunches and meal times

‘Ergonomic’ may sound like a complicated word until you discover its potential to make your life a lot easier. The innovative B.box products everyone is talking about have proven to be the most convenient and durable when handled by the youngest and pickiest customers. These colourful plates, bowls, sippy cups, and must-haves for packing lunch for school or other activities are loved by so many fussy eaters that they are a godsend for parents.

Handy products that you’ll actually use and love

Whether you have a hard time encouraging your baby to try different foods or convincing your kids to drink more water and eat their lunch, the smart designs and bright colours can do the trick! And here’s why:

  • Grippy handles and soft drinking straws are perfect for babies
  • Lunch boxfeatures include adjustable compartments to fit a variety of foods 
  • Insulated drink bottlesand food jars are ideal for colder months
  • Sports spout bottlesare fun and easy to use on the go


Loved by kids and adults for fantastic colours and convenience, these products make meals easier, whatever the weather, activity, or schedule. Explore them with Post2u today!