What is the purpose of a nasal aspirator NZ?

June 29, 2022

What is the purpose of a nasal aspirator NZ?

A nasal aspirator NZ can provide sweet relief to your little congested munchkin. At some point, you will need to clean your baby’s nose. Your bundle of joy is not born with the ability to blow their nose, and no one wants to see their baby suffer from nasal congestion. Having a nasal aspirator NZ is a great help for those moments when you want your sweetheart to breathe easier.

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Why do babies get blocked noses?

Nasal congestion mainly occurs when our noses are trying to eject dirt, smoke, dust, and other irritants. In order to do this, the nose produces mucus which later is leaked out from the nostrils. At times, blood vessels in the nose swell up which leads to the blocking of the airways. However, sometimes dry air also blocks the nose. Dry air dries out the inner lining of the nostril, hence cracking and swelling the skin inside. Blockage due to dry air usually takes place in winter, when central heating is on.

What is a nasal aspirator?

A nasal aspirator NZ, also known as a nose aspirator, is a small suction device designed to physically remove any mucus that’s built inside a baby’s nose. This device helps in clearing up the airways thus helping babies to breathe more easily. Moreover, the removed mucus is collected in a separate chamber so it can be disposed off later on.

While there are a number of nasal aspirators NZ available in the market, the main purpose of all of them is to do the same job.

When to use a nasal aspirator?

There is no doubt that nasal aspirators NZ are very effective in clearing the nasal passages but there is a limit to how frequently you can use them. Additionally, medical experts recommend that you can use them three to four times a day. You should not use more than that because excessive use can cause nasal irritation and can even lead to nose bleeding.

Aspirators should only be used when you feel like your child sounds congested, has a runny nose, or you notice visible evidence like a nose full of boogies. Regardless of what type of nasal aspiration NZ you are using, ensure that you are cleaning it thoroughly with soap and water to prevent the risk of bacteria build-up.

How do we choose?

Nasal aspirators are not at all complicated. They are pretty straightforward products. However, you must keep a couple of factors in mind. You must opt for the one that is easy to use and is easy to maintain. When you have a wiggly baby in your arms, you definitely don’t want a device that’s difficult to use.

Are nasal aspirators safe?

If used correctly, nasal aspirators are surely safe to use. To achieve the desired results, all you have to do is understand how to use the product. Whichever type you decide to buy, always read the instructions carefully. This will help you know about any precautions like you should limit the use of an aspirator to four times a day. When used responsibly, nasal aspirators NZ are an excellent tool.