Why Do Parents Need Baby Towels NZ?

April 26, 2022

baby towel pink

Parents always give their babies the best life necessities including food and other items such as baby towels. Baby towels NZ is designed for the skin health of the baby. Parents use baby towels NZ to wrap their baby when they finish bathing. That seems like baby towels NZ only work for bathing. On the contrary, they have more functions that explain why parents need them for their babies. 


Ensure Proper Clean

The baby has sensitive skin, and the bottom skin that touches diapers is vulnerable. The baby's bottom is contacted with urine and faeces when wearing diapers and may cause wrinkles. It is difficult for parents to clean off the wrinkles on baby's bottom. The health condition will be worst if the baby has rashes and skin irritations. Baby towels NZ prevents the baby from rashes and redness by cleaning them properly when changing diapers and bathing. 


Easy to Dispose

Baby towels NZ are easy to dispose of. When finished cleaning the baby, parents can wrap baby towels around the dirty diapers and then dispose of them. Baby towels NZ prevents the odour of faeces spread around the room. Thus, they clean the baby while preventing the house from bacteria indirectly. 


Better Material for the Babies

Baby towels NZ are made of either cotton or bamboo which are softer and suitable for the skins of babies. There are baby towels made from other materials such as flax and wood fibres, and some of them were reusable products. However, other materials cause skin irritation and rashes to the baby, and the reusable products cause contamination to the skin of the baby if not properly cleaned. Thus, baby towels NZ is the ideal cloth for parents to clean their baby. 


Saves Water

Baby towels NZ is the ideal cloth for parents when there is a water shortage. After brushing the baby, baby towels NZ becomes the best choice for parents who experience water shortage. Baby towels NZ always make the baby feels comfortable and reduces challenges for parents. 


red baby towel

Manage the pH Balance

The pH balance is crucial to the baby. Baby towels NZ manages the pH balance of a baby’s body to ensure it will not be disturbed. The baby will suffer from rashes and skin irritation if pH balance is interrupted. Dirty diapers increase the pH of the baby, and baby towel NZ restores the pH balance. 


Cleanser of All Substances

There are challenges when cleaning babies. The baby’s skin is vulnerable to powerful cleansers like soap. Water is not enough to remove all bacteria from the baby. Thus, baby towels NZ become the best cleaner to defeat all oily and liquid substances from the baby. 



A thoroughly cleaner and pH balance manager for the baby that saves water and can dispose of easily, these features make baby towels NZ become a need for parents who provide their babies with the best life necessity. Go to Post2U now to get the ideal baby towels NZ for your baby!