Lifestream Spirulina Bioactive 1000 Tabs

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Adults: Starting up (first week): 2-4 tablets daily, building up to sustained energy/nutrition: 6 tablets daily. Optimum nutrition/special uses: Up to 18 tablets daily or more as advised.


Spirulina is a spiral shaped microscopic freshwater plant, which is well absorbed by the human body and has a full, natural range of nutrients, proteins, enzymes and co-factors for maximum absorption.

Lifestream Spirulina Bioactive (formally Spirulina Balance) was hand picked for its purity and nutritional potency from 35 varieties worldwide, it is richer in Iron and GLA and is perfect for people feeling worn out, run down, tired or exhausted. Lifestream Spirulina Bioactive balance is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina Balanceis free of herbicides, pesticides, and irradiation, it is G.E. free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Lifestream Spirulina Bioactive is the highest iron source, perfect for people feeling worn out, run down, tired or exhausted. 

  • Boosts energy levels, for people run-down or exhausted
  • Improves iron levels, for those with busy or stressful lifestyles
  • Ideal for active sports people

On very rare occasions, some people may experience an algae reaction. 

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and/or stomach cramps. 

We usually advise these people to avoid all algae-type products in the future (Spirulina, Chlorella, etc.).