Neurio Formulated Milk Powder With Lactoferrin 60g/Can (Blue)

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Product Description
- Fresh and pure milk from Lush Natural Grasslands in Australia (100% made, formulated, and packaged in Australia)
- 1g lactoferrin is extracted from every 14kg of fresh milk.
- Independent small packages, easy to carry, safe, and convenient for business trips
- Super guard for our body -
Lactoferrin is an important protein that can be used as a nutrition supplement activating and regulating the immune system of infants.
Applicable Group
Pregnant women, Infants, Children, Teens, Weak resistance, Anemia patients or individuals under the risk of anemia
Scientific and strict quality control
- Lactoferrin is a safe and effective sporting and functional food.
- The milk powder is produced by GMP, the Australian pharmaceutical factory with TGA certification.
- Bar code on the cans indicates that the products are made in Australia with the best lactoferrin.
 What is Lactoferrin
Lactoferrin LF is the core immune protein in breast milk that offers direct antibacterial activity and plays a role in activating and regulating the immune system. It offers antibacterial and antiviral activity, and promotes iron absorption, helping to maintain bacterial balance in the intestines and protect the gastrointestinal tract.
Why we need lactoferrin
Researches show that newborn babies rarely get sick within 6 months because they carry lactoferrin, iron, and other trace elements from the maternal body, which help to enhance their autoimmunity. But over time, the lactoferrin and iron in breast milk is getting less and less. The infants are immune to getting sick for a lower level of immunity. Those non-breastfeeding, mixed-feeding babies, especially need to supplement lactoferrin.