-Clearance- Royal Fiber Alpaca Toy Medium

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These plush dolls are made with the finest baby alpaca fur in maximum grade, they are unique due to the handmade finish, each doll is different and particularly cute. Its softness is impressive, baby alpaca fur is hypoallergenic which becomes ideal for all people's skin. Check out our care section on how to keep your alpaca doll clean in the card attached. All our alpaca fur products are ethically obtained in the highness of the Peruvian Andes. When you are buying one of these fur products, you are helping to improve alpaca care and their life quality.

100% Superfine Baby Alpaca Fur stuffed with polyamide.

Due to these products being made by artisan people and fur availability, the color might have some variations, each doll is unique.
If you want to choose among the current stock, please ask about available colors before placing your order.

Benefits and Features:
- No animals were intentionally harmed to make these products.
- Each one is totally unique, they are totally handmade.
- Durable enough to be used for a long time.